My Lucky Dragon

Strawberries and Champagne Soap Cupcake

Regular price $ 8.00

Frosting is a Bath Whip and Cake is a Shea Butter Glycerin Soap

Fragrance is Strawberries & Champagne: Blend of Strawberries, Grape, and Sparkling Wine

(This fragrance contains vanillia and may cause slight browning in color).

Decorated in a cute 4x4 clear box :)

Regular Cupcake size equlas 4 to 4.5oz of soap

For Your Tub NOT Your Tummy.....Please Do not eat!

May cause slippery tub.

NOTE: Cupcake soaps are handmade. Color, cupcake and packaging details may slightly vary.

Note: All decorations are made of soap and handmade by me. Strawberry has real strawberry seeds. Pearls are made from sugar. Glycerin soap sweats, you may see slight beading.