My Lucky Dragon

Lemon Bar, Lemon, Lemoncello, Soap, Body Whip, Glycerin, Lemon Drop, Lemons, Soap Bar

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When life gives you lemons...get some vodka and make LEMONCELLO!!!

A very pretty bar of soap and smells sooo delicious, yum!

This bar is sort of a 2 in 1 bar....The top frosting is crumbly and is a Shea butter whipped soap, great for dry hands/body that need a little extra love. The bottom is a solid bar made from Vegetable glycerin and Shea butter, if kept on a soap rack it will last a lot longer and not get soggy. Lemon wedge is a tiny guest soap and the straw is just a straw lol.

When opening package be gentle when opening around the body whip as does crumble.

Each bar weighs about 5oz

Each slice is cut by hand. No fancy cutting machines or slicers. I just use a regular kitchen knife (I use just for soap).

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Whipped Soap and fragrance