About Us

Hi! I'm Christy and I make all the pretties you see in my shop...

I'm a Navy wife with a son heading off to college to become a Doctor (Proud momma). A GI Bill only goes so far, so 80% of my profits go to help pay for the very expensive Med School bill (It will all be worth it). The other 20% is for expenses....like buying more cool fabric and supplies to make more pretties :)

I started back in 2012, when my mother committed suicide, we were all heartbroken & in shock (still am) and I needed a creative outlet to release my sadness and grief. So I started making bath and body products......then I inherited my grandmother's sewing machine and started to learn to sew. This has helped me in soooooo many ways. And now it helps pay for my son's college.

Just know when you're ordering from me it's going to a good cause.....EDUCATION.

Thank you for visiting my shop :)