My First Post - Just another personal blog about crafting, food and whatever...

Hi, Everyone!

My name is Christy, and I am My Lucky Dragon. I'm not sure what my main focus will be for this blog, all I know is I want to blog! Just warning ya'll, I have a lot of sass, so expect colorful language and attitude.  Let me share a little about me; I am a mother, navy wife, maker, crafter and a handmade shop owner. I love to sew, cook, make soap & natural beauty products and eat lots of food. 

I'm far from a professional writer or blogger. Honestly, writing this blog is kinda freaking me out. What happens if I'm boring and no one has any interest in what I have to say, share or do? Sooooo scary! I'm basically going to blog about whatever I feel like and see where it goes. Expect tutorials, tips, reviews, recipes, adventures, crafts, shares and other useful crap.

I do not feel as though I am expert in anything, but I do have a lot of experience making tons of mistakes and learning from them hahaha. This will be fun, I promise! So please join me, hang in there as I fuck up projects, upset the grammar police and most likely embarrass myself lol.

- Christy

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    I’m here! Bring on the sass!?

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